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Last 500 TR-H

"One of my rowers, James Wright, a few years ago suggested that our three year old program at the time acquire a Total Row. I informed him that at the moment we needed more ergs or even a trailer before we made such an extravagant purchase. However, I was more than happy to test out the device to see if it really was transformative to a rower's stroke as Ed Bell claims. I didn't even realize that my boathouse, Undine Barge Club, had a Total Row. After a 15 minute session on the TR James retooled his stroke. I received a text from James that afternoon affirming the adjustments to the stroke after completing a steady state piece. Fast forward to this year. Although James broke the Junior Men's record with a 6:13.5, he had based around 37 SPM and imploded during the sprint. We went back to the TR to retool his stroke and approach to World Indoor Rowing Championships. James spent almost an equal amount of his workload on the TR in the 1st week and the start of the second week on the TR. The end result was winning the 2018 World Indoor Rowing Championships in Alexandria, VA with a 6:08.7!


As a coach and a rower, I had always focused on the aerobic base of my athletes. I really did not consider the other end of the spectrum, enhancing their force. I made the faulty assumption that one's proverbial engine was a set size and you could only work on enhancing the size of the gas tank. The TR helped me to shed that illogical notion. Across the board my program has made gains in their max watts and it has paid off on their performance on the water. The return on investment of the TR can't be properly articulated when your budding athlete becomes a world champion."


Aaron Preetam

Director of Rowing

Head Crew Coach

Germantown Friends School 

Nearly all premier races in the USA in 2018 were won my TR-H users!

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The Machine

TR-H: Acceleration & Muscle Sequencing Training
Un-Load Recovery
Handle forces are higher than an erg.  Adjustable length.   
In order to finish the stroke, you need to start it  correctly. Do TR-H before water workouts and erg tests to bring the right motion to your training.   
TR-H ensures correct strokes & many correct strokes is the only road to becoming a champion.

Transform potential into performance with high power muscle sequencing training.

Our Work

Machines, Monitors and Users

Machines in Gym
TR-H Close Up
Athlete on TR-H
Our work

The Monitor

Immediate actionable feedback, made available during the workout!


Motion Genome

Actionable Feedback

Demo the (simplified) monitor. Clicking the data labels allows reconfiguration.

The blue curve is the handle position, green curve is seat position.

Curve data can be reconfigured in app.

Learn more about using the TR-H and the monitor together.


Contact us

Last 500 Inc.

PO Box 489

Medford NJ 08055

Tel: 609-784-9888


Machines require

     124" x 97" tall 30" wide

Crate is:

96" l x 12" h x 24" w and 340 lbs

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