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TR-H Monitor

Immediate actionable feedback, made available during the workout!

Many sports that require explosive power, like rowing and lifting, depend on proper muscle coordination.


Let’s take a quick look at an example of good and bad coordination. The video below shows a good stroke followed by a bad stroke along with a graph showing the position of the hands and the core.

Improper muscle group timing, as seen on right, makes the work harder than it needs to be. In the best case, this will lead to faster lactic acid buildup and exhaustion, and in the worst case it may result in injury.

In the example above the specific problem is the early extension of the legs which results in extra strain in the lower back. This can be easily seen in the graph in the lower right of the video and the image above as the red filled area between the blue (hands) and green (core) curves.

By monitoring the position of the hands and the core on an athlete, instant feedback is generated highlighting the problem in the motion. This graphic feedback helps an athlete quickly understand and visualize why one rep felt easy and why another felt difficult.


The TR-H monitor consists of an Android tablet and some electronics that track the position of your core and hands. The motion for each rep is displayed on the screen along with other configurable metrics:

- Maximum Seat Lead -

- Peak Power -

- Average Power -

- Height -

- Total Height -

- Energy -

- Total Energy -

Demo the (simplified) monitor below.

You can click the metrics to reconfigure them.

As in the video above, the blue curve is the handle position and the green curve is seat position.

The full app has multiple curve available, allowing to simultaneously display both the input (core and hand position) and the output (power or force) of each stroke.

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